eBook Services

ePublishing Zone offers a range of eBook services. We deliver high-quality conversions and formatting services regardless of the scale or size of your project. Our team has successfully delivered multifaceted projects within defined time frames.

To meet the demands of multichannel audiences in a print-to-digital space, ePublishing Zone provides conversion and formatting services using industry leading benchmarks. The high quality and cost-effective eBook conversion services we provide enable our clients to find their competitive place in the global market.

Our eBook services serve a wide array of clientele-Self-regulating Publishers, Contract Publishers, Fulfillment Houses, Subsidy Press Publishers, and Self-Publishing Authors. We customize and manage eBook production procedures for your exclusive content, saving you substantial time, money and other resources. Going further than a mere project-to-project association, ePublishing Zone will partner with you for all your ePublishing requirements for mutual growth.

eBook Conversion Services

eBooks have gained massive worldwide recognition as they are cost-effective and fit all types of publishers and readers. eBooks can be made obtainable to the readers across the globe through web portals and mobile applications.

Our experienced and efficient team digitizes content from various sources in various formats including hard copy, HTML, Adobe InDesign, MS Word, and other formats.

Our Professional eBook Services Comprises:

Printed Book to ePub and Mobi
Printed documents to ePub and Mobi
Word files to ePub and Mobi
Scanned images to ePub and Mobi
PDF to ePub and Mobi
HTML to ePub and Mobi
Application source files to ePub and Mobi
Fixed format ePUB and KF8
Embedding Audio and Videos

We specialize in converting print-ready or application source files into the eBook formats of your preference and need.

eBook Formatting Services

For the publishers, authors or publishing companies, developments and enhancements in eBook conversions come as an opening and challenge as they necessitate preparing their publications in newest and compatible formats.

We make sure your eBook looks immense when viewed on any shape and size eReaders, tablet, or a mobile device. We will assist you in delivering the finest reading experience in a tailored format designed to enable your readers to stay occupied as well as happily engaged. Our outputs will be compatible with Apple iPad, iPhone, the Kindle, the Sony Reader, and other readers. They will be available in tailored made layouts that will provide your reader-client and engaging and relaxing reading experience.

Below are the Significant Formats for eBooks

ePub – Broadly accepted industry format, ePub is highly compatible across different software and hardware platforms providing unencrypted reflowable digital books and other sets of publications.
Mobi, KF8, AZW3, KFX are eBook formats enabled by Amazon, which are made as a wrapper on top of an ePub file.

Fixed Layout eBooks

Benchmarked eBooks which come in ePub and .mobi feature a flowing layout of both texts as well as images. Our finished eBook will offer different reading formats on different eReaders.

Fixed Layout files lend a hand in affixing images and text to precise spots on every electronic page. It works just like their printed book equivalent and hence looks the same, whichever reader you utilize.

Does your eBook require a Fixed Layout?

Not all the eBook needs a Fixed Layout file. However, Fixed Layout files are significant when it’s imperative that the images and text appears in an explicit and constant way.

These books are more often a better candidate for a Fixed Layout conversion:

Graphics based novels
Illustrated children’s books
Coffee table books
Cook books
Technical manuals
Brochures and Flyers
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