Interactive eBooks

ePublishing Zone aims at delivering quality reading experiences by converting digital formats to interactive digital eBooks. We add superior multimedia content, which includes 2D & 3D Animations, Audio & Video Files, Quizzes, Games, and much more.

Our long and diversed experience in this field has enriched our services. Our intereactive eBook services connect to the needs of the publishers and offer them with bespoke and advanced eBook solutions.

We provide these interactive eBooks in formats like HTML5 and ePUB3, which are highly compatible to almost all the smart devices as well as eReaders. These reading platforms include ibooks, Amazon Fire, and Kobo.

When do you approach Interactive eBooks?

When the book requires superior reading experience
When the book contains a lot of directives
When the book contains rich visuals and images
Finally, when the book requires superior reading experience

What types of books require Interactive eBook Publishing?

Largely these were utilized for publishing and developing multimedia content for children. Today it has also been lately made to order to every sort of ePublishing and eLearning domain:

Multilingual eBooks
Journals and Magazines
Multimedia-rich eBooks
Entertainment books
Health & medical education books
Children's books
Cook books

How ePublishing Zone Approaches Creation of Interactive eBooks?

ePublishing Zone is one of interactive eBook service providers, assisting publishers in building better digital books using advanced tools. Our experienced team can accurately transform any of the digital files into an interactive eBook by embedding any format. This includes any of the formats starting with images to audio & video files to quizzes or games.

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